Kids Rising Hour – a fantastic story time group to be checked out!,

Hi guys! Today I had the chance to go to an awesome story-telling group called kids rising hour. The group is run by two amazing  people named Jen and Sean. The purpose of the group is to teach kids at a young age about accepting diversity around them and also realizing their uniqueness and to standup for what is right and speak up against wrong! They handpick books that have wonderful messages like showing diversity between people and standing up for others in a community. While I was listening to these short little stories, I realized how important it was for these kids to learn these things. Usually when we think of picture books, we get “pictures” or “just a baby book” but some of these books can carry through really meaningful messages like: self confidence, standing up to bullies, or accepting the diversity of people. It may seem like kids are just listening to the story but Sean and Jen ask kids questions after the story, making kids think about the story and what it is conveying.

This activity really made me realize how important it is for children in this generation to learn about helping each other and all of this will make them great people when they get older. Instead of having a normal book group, these guys have made it an innovative group that the kids and parents would love! I’ll tell you about some of the stories we read today. We read One, a book by Kathryn Otoshi. It was about the colors and how red, was manipulative and mean to blue and would bully him. Each time red said a mean thing and no one stopped him, he would get bigger. Then, 1 comes along and stands up to red and shows the other colors how you only need 1 to make a change. We also read a book about a kid and his nana in a downtown. He looks at all the other kids and wonders why he doesn’t have a car or a nice house. But his nana shows him how beauty is around you no matter what, if you know how to find it. He has a fun time on the bus with the people and finds magic in the little things like music, colors and the rainbows. So, these books aren’t just empowering, but they are really fun and unique books that even I and a seventh grader enjoyed!

The reason I thought I would share this with you is because I just wanted to acknowledge this unique kids rising story time held at East side Freedom library, St.Paul and how Jen and Sean have initiated this group that really helps shape the kids into really great people. They have fun activities planned and offer snacks to the kids too! I just thought that this whole story hour was really cool and I would be very happy to be involved in this if I can!!

Ok see you then, bye!! Do message me if you need information about this story hour!

If children ruled the world…

Hello Everyone!

The food for thought today is “If children ruled the World.. “..  Here is where it started. I had a chance to get involved in an interesting fundraiser early this year! This fundraiser was organized by Global Organization for Divinity and executed by Arts n’ Thoughts. Apparently this is a repeating fund raiser every year and the organizers announce a thought-provoking half sentence that you are required to finish and children can participate and complete the thought with their thoughts! 🙂 For example, this year’s topic was If Children Ruled The World. I decided to participate and here is my entry.. ” If children ruled the world, there would be no conflicts as there is no “I” in our “US” ; We would connect and communicate with the universal language of love.” Many entries from all around the world are sent in and few get featured on a greeting card. My entry had been selected to be on a greeting card! Now, I can sell these blank any-occasion cards to people and raise money for the fundraiser.  You should try it yourself sometime. Just search up ” Arts n’ Thoughts and there is always an active fundraiser from what I can see!

Let’s think about this topic – “if children ruled the world.” I honestly think that the world would be interesting if children filled the role of President, Prime minister, Queen, King, Emperor, etc. I think that we would not have many conflicts as we can connect and communicate better among us than adults. The main reason for that is we do not have any ego problems and we are used to parents pointing out where we go wrong so we may not mind our peers correcting us! So I’m not saying that we won’t have any conflicts but we wouldn’t  definitely have World Wars. Just thinking about this world ruled by children gets me all excited and tingly inside. I can’t imagine how amazing the world would be. So take a moment and think about this yourself… What do you think the world we know now would be like if Children ruled the world? I think that the only arguments would be about what brand is better ; Or what movie or device is new.

We as children worldwide, would work  together to make our wonderful world better and colorful.  We will be good listeners and have elders guide us when we need decisions made. So I am thinking the top leaders will be us, the children and we will have selected adult advisors! 🙂

Start of Summer 2016!!

Hello everyone! It is for me and maybe for you too, the start of summer! I’m really excited to read new books and get involved in camps during these 3 months. I thought the best way to start the summer on the blog would be to talk about a book I started my summer with.

“Dream on Amber” was my first book this summer and is a fantastic realistic-fiction book by Emma Shevah. As a half-Japanese, half-Italian girl with a ridiculous name (Ambra Alessandra Leola Kimko Miyamoto)  eleven year old Amber is not feeling motto bene (very good) about making new friends at her new middle school. The hardest thing about being Amber is that a part of her is missing, Her father. He left her when she was little and isn’t coming back. Not for her first day of middle school, not for her sister Bella’s birthday party. Amber struggles with being left out at school without a cool phone, and being shy isn’t helping her much. She ends up having to go through a dreadful class called inward reach for students with divorced parents or home struggles. There she is bullied by a girl named Joanne Pyke who promises to dip her in the trash can. I mean. How rude is that?!?!But Amber proves Joanne and everyone else around her wrong about her by winning the annual Spit Hill art competition.

The thing is, her dream father was there to help her along the way.She also tries to save up for a new phone to fit in, but ends up using her money to buy Bella her dream party. Soon enough after cleaning up loads of cat litter, her mother and Nonna think that Amber has proven herself and buy her a cool, new, phone. Just wonder: Will Amber’s father come back for her? I think you should find out. Next time you go to a library or a book store, I suggest you look for “Dream on Amber.”

Helping Hands Project✌

Hello everybody!!! I’m sorry that I haven’t gone on my blog and updated in around 5 months. I promise that I will keep updating regularly. So let’s get on this exciting project I am involved with now, i cant wait to share it with you all.

Here is a little background information first!

So at my school this year, I have an interesting class in my schedule called Critical Thinking. At the beginning of the school year, I  was like “Hmmm, I wonder what this class is about??” And that was pretty stupid of me when the name of the class made it pretty self-explanatory. Later into the school year I learned that it was about the 4c’s : Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking. Again I have to mention my teacher for this class is awesome and inspires me a lot.

A few weeks after Halloween ,( so around November 27th) we found ourselves watching a series of 5-10 minute episodes about 4 guys who went to Peña Blanca, Guatemala to see how it  was to live on less than $ 1 a day since that was how people there were living. In those episodes, I watched every Guatemalan in that documentary and noticed how many different problems there were for people in poverty. So, when I went to bed that night, I thought about how it will be to help those people out and decided to do something about it.

We had a debate in that same class about if poverty was a myth or reality. There  were some kids who thought that poverty was a myth. So, my teacher had to honor their thoughts and we hosted a debate. Of course they learned that it was real…. But the point is sometimes since we’re so caught up with our privileged lives, that we don’t realize what impediments some people elsewhere are dealing with.

At home last week, my mother and father told me about the floods that were occurring in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I was shocked. Those people out in the flood who had their belongings destroyed, maybe even their house, were no different from the people in Guatemala. Maybe they had different stories but still, they both need help. I then wondered how can we all step in to help….

                   And that’s how we come to my Helping Hands Project✌️ I have decided that since at our school we are doing Kiva day, I would ask  to have my project alongside that. So I talked to one of my teachers and I have almost officially made it a project that I will continue further on.

How is this project unique? Whenever there is a fund-raising at school, who ends up contributing, our parents… We enjoy ice cream socials for raising the most funds, but the truth is it is our parents who donate and not us. In helping hands, the contribution is strictly from the children.

The thought is what can we(children) give up with no compromise to our quality of life..

a. Like choosing not to buy the n’th phone case and set aside that money

b. Choosing not to get a treat at the school vending machine one day.

c. Of the gift cards you get for your birthday, chose one to be given away, what if that person had never turned up for the birthday right!

d. Choosing to not buy a book but wait for it to be available in the library.

The maximum contribution from one kid at one time should be $5, so it is just a little something the kid gave up consciously and with no ill feeling.. I think we will be surprised to find out what a change all that little contributions can make. I am having a piggy bank at my house now and I am starting to add up my contributions similarly.. Please get yours out as well..

Why do i insist that there is no impact on our quality of life, it is because we are still kids and when we are forced to give up, we may oblige as we are all good kids (:)  but with some bitterness. I am thinking once we start at this level, as we grow up we will realize the joy of giving and sharing and we will be better citizens of the world.

There is my story so far😊

I hope that with the help of more children we can change this world to maybe at least 99.99% kind and sufficient for everybody. I left out that .01 since nobody is perfect and neither is the world, so bye for now and I’ll see you guys in the next post with more updates!! Please share what you think about this and I would appreciate any inputs or insights to make this project better.




Hi guys, Summer is almost here  and I am soooooo excited to go on vacation and learn new things ! I have started reading a new series by J.K Rowling and most of you guys might know it as it is the famous HARRY POTTER. It is very unique. Here is some of things I look forward to doing:

  • Going to a nature camp with my Friend Anna
  • And many other things like going on vacation!.


My Mom has OTHER plans for me like…

  1. Studying Math and English
  2. Learning states and capitals of who knows where?
  3. Mastering my Mother tongue A.K.A- Tamil
  4. Work on MOSTLY vocabulary

So that’s pretty much how my Summer’s going to go 🙂

The Girl I Never Was…

       Chapter 1: ” Almost There “

” Sweetie!, get off your Ipod, We’re almost there!,” My mom said. We were in the car on our way to Canada to meet my cousins. I obediently switched it off and put away in my purse, I didn’t want to get in trouble. Honestly, I was pretty excited to meet my Cousins. When my parents described them to me, they sounded really nice. But I would have to find out for myself if that was true or not.

Chapter 2: ” What?!?!?!”

We finally arrived at their house. It had seemed like it had been a MILLION yrs. I got out of the car to examine their house when I noticed that it was a MANSION! ” WOW” Either they were REALLY rich, or they just had a lot of children, but I chose to believe that they were rich. My Dad broke the silence by saying, “Tanya!, let’s go!” So I had to follow. 

       Chapter 3: ”  Disappointment “

When we got inside, I was frantically looking for a Butler or a Waiter. ” Dang it!” I thought they were Rich!?” I thought to myself.

Then a young Lady walked up to us excitedly and started hugging my Mom and speaking to her in a language that I didn’t understand. She then looked at me and said ” Tanya! look at how grown up you are! ” I politely smiled and thought ” How could I get out of this? “

Chapter 4 part 1 : ” The machine gun “

I soon found out that the lady was my Aunt. So my ” Aunt ” sent me upstairs to meet my cousins. When I got upstairs  I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were about 22 rooms in front of me! I looked at each door and chose wisely at which one to enter. Finally, I decided on a blue room with stickers of cars all over them, ” Probably a Boy’s room ” I thought. I stepped in …

To Be Continued…




The moon,The moon …..:)

















Butterfly Life Cycle.

Butterfly life cycle – Research report prepared by me!

A butterfly begins its life as an egg.

Next comes the larva stage.

Butterfly larva are called caterpillars.

Caterpillars eat leaves.

Soon the  caterpillars moves on to  the pupa stage.

A butterfly pupa is called a chrysalis.

During this stage its body is changing.

Next the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis stage.

Its wings are damp and wrinkled.

It hangs upside down so blood can get into its wings.

The adult butterfly has three body sections.

It has a head,thorax and abdomen.

The butterfly has six legs,four wings and two antennae.

On its head the butterfly has a proboscis.

This is a long,thin straw that is used to sip nectar from flowers.

The proboscis is curled up when the butterfly is not using it.

That’s my report on the butterfly life cycle.

I like butterflies because of their color and their wonderful patterns .

We have a connection because lots of people loove sweet things like me!




If I were a President I would……..:)

During II grade, my teacher has asked me what I would do if I were the President and I submitted a 4 page report to her. 🙂

Here is my report for you all and tell me if I will make a good President! And ofcourse you should all vote for me!! hee hee…

If I were the President I would..

  1. design my own white house
  2. have my own body guards and secret service
  3. make my own rules – new rules for the country
  4. help people – give homeless people homes
  5. stop people from getting into useless fights
  6. tell people to follow Non-violence
  7. make good choices
  8. sign bills
  9. help my community
  10. elect a new President after me (I wish I dont have to, but I may have to as I cant be President forever)
  11. teach people to do whats right
  12. make a difference
  13. control everything – I would love this!!!!
  14. help people to learn to be nicer
  15. have a place to control the power in my city (awesome!!!!)
  16. warn my country if danger is on its way
  17. tell people whats wrong and right
  18. give speeches
  19. control city hall
  20. tell people what do -wow I do great thinking yay me!!!!!
  21. help my community
  22. never give up
  23. not lie
  24. be confident
  25. have integrity
  26. be principled
  27. control how to build houses
  28. control everyone



Here is all that I learnt about Fireflies recently!!


Most fireflies have a hard time surviving.

Most fireflies live in Asia.

Some fireflies live underwater.

Fireflies make wet,warm and hot places.

They  live in tropical and mild places of the world.

some fireflies cant survive like others.


Fireflies have all kinds  of body parts.

Some fireflies have gills like fish.

Fireflies have three body parts.

And that is my post about Fireflies Hope you enjoyed!!!!!